How to Save a Planet? Your new favourite podcast

Fighting climate change is one of the biggest opportunities of the 21st century, and arguably the most important one. Most of the news we read on the topic is often quite depressing, which pushes people away from it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So how can you learn more about climate change while keeping a smile on your face? Podcasts are a great way to learn more about a topic. I recently came across How to Save a Planet and I have to say, I am hooked.

Every week, Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Alex Blumberg explore a wide range of topics relating to climate change. They’re out to ask the big questions and understand what we can actually do as individuals.

Have you ever wondered if electric cars were actually a more environmentally sustainable alternative? What about planting trees, is it a viable solution to mitigate climate change? No matter your level of expertise on the subject, you’ll be sure to take away something from each episode.

My favourite episode to date has been “Breaking Buildings’ Addiction to Fossil Fuels” where we get to hear about Donnel Baird’s BlocPower. It’s the perfect example of how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.

I hope this article will inspire you to listen to the podcast. We’re going to need a lot of people informed on the topic of climate change, and a lot of optimism to fight it together.



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Pierre-Louis Godin

Pierre-Louis Godin


Always looking to learn more about environmental sustainability and climate change. I'll mostly be writing about these topics!